Sol Sanchez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a family of artists and multitaskers. At age 12, inspired by the extensive collection of fashion magazines and art books scattered around the house, she and her sister Sofia started to take pictures of each other, and their friends. At 16, she decided to pursue a career as a make up artist mainly for her sister’s shootings but rapidly making a name for herself in Argentina’s most  famous fashion publications.

Around this same time, she started to play guitar and sing in the cult punk band, Sugar Tampaxxx.

Like a lot of Argentineans, she was forced to flee the country’s 2001 economic crisis, dissolving the band and inspiring her to make some changes. Bored with make up, she pursued styling for a while, between NY, Paris and Buenos Aires for 3 years, finally returning home and working in magazines like Elle Argentina, GQ, and Viva.

Photography never stopped being a hobby so when updating her portfolio, she decided to take the pictures herself. The results were very exciting and little by little she shifted again, first to stylist/ photographer, later quitting styling for good to become a photographer.
It didn’t take long before several magazines took interest. But an ever growing ambition persuaded her to follow her sister’s steps and giving Paris a chance. She has, since then, collaborated  with several international  magazines such as Citizen K, Mixte, Memoire Universelle, Jalouse,  Dedicate, Commons&Sense, etc.

Sol’s images are often described as cinematic, sexually charged and sensitive.

Her work was shown in two exhibitions. At the Nation Museum of Photography of Buenos Aires in 2008 and in a joint show alongside artist Julien Langendorff at Cobra Libros in 2009.

She’s now based in Paris indefinitely where she juggles photography, music and is making her first steps into video.